Reverse Mortgage Purchase

“Thank You” This is the type of card that I have received several times from customers whom I have assisted in obtaining a reverse mortgage.  The last card was from a couple that was living in a modular home in a 55 and older community.  They were both active in their church and as they got older, the drive from their home to their church became more frequent, but also more of a burden.  Since only one worked part time, and the other did volunteer work, qualifying for a new home near their church was virtually impossible.  They had put their park model up for sale.  This would provide them with the money for a down payment, but their lack of income made the forward mortgage not an option.  I had discussed the reverse mortgage purchase program with their real estate agent several months prior.  After meeting with them and explaining how the reverse mortgage purchase program worked, we moved forward and within eight weeks or so, they had sold their park model and with the reverse mortgage purchase program had moved into their new home.  By using the proceeds from the sale and the reverse mortgage purchase program, they had their new home with only taxes and insurance to pay.  Contact me for information on the many options available with the reverse mortgage.

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